Phood Review: ‘Phantastic’! + Best Price

Phood reviewPhood glorious phood! Nope, it’s not a typo, I’m talking about PlantFusion’s new self-titled ‘everything-shake’. I recently got my hands on a tub and am here to share my thoughts and feelings about it with you.

Having tried and been impressed with PlantFusion’s plant-based protein powder (see reviews here and here), I was eager to see how ‘Phood’ would stack-up.

‘Phood’ isn’t just a clever play-on-words, the good folks over at PlantFusion have tried to cram everything your body could ever need into one shake, and I think they’ve done a really good job. I’ve seen and tried other meal-replacement powders, but was genuinely impressed with the quality and diversity of Phood’s ingredients. Here’s a quick look at the nutritional-profile:

Click to enlarge

What I really like about Phood is that it’s a plant-based powder, that means no dairy, no soy, no gluten and no dairy. Being mildly lactose intolerant and prone to bloating, ‘whey’ based powders were always an issue for me. However, I am pleased to report that Phood caused no such tummy-troubles and was very easy to digest.

How’s it taste? As you might expect, ‘Phood’ has a distinctly ‘green’ taste. It’s not overpowering or gross, but it is unique and may take a little getting use to if you’re new to plant-based powders. I got the chocolate-caramel flavor (there’s also vanilla) and while it’s not like drinking Starbucks, it does have a pleasant chocolatey-hint. It’s also not overly sweet like some other protein/meal-replacement powders, something which I’ve grown to appreciate.

The powder is ‘fine’ and mixes well. You can chug it down with just water, though I preferred to boost it’s flavor and appeal by adding things like banana, berries, flax, almond milk, chia seeds, choc syrup and oats to create different kinds of smoothies. I also put it on my cereal and in my muesli. I love Phood’s versatility, there’s a heap of different things you can do with it so you can always create something that tastes good.

How Much Does it Cost? Because of the diversity and quality of the ingredients, Phood isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it is one of the best. Phood comes in two sizes, 450g and 900g. You save ~$5 by going for the larger of the two, which I always do as the smaller tubs tend to run out too quickly. However, if you’re just looking to try it out, the 450g tub is the best option.

There’s also a pack which contains 12 sachets. It costs a little more than the 450g tub, but works out the same price per 50g ($2.70 for both), so it may be more suitable for those looking for added convenience.

What’s the Best Price? Phood isn’t cheap and I also hate paying store premiums, so I always do my due diligence to sniff out the best bargains before buying. iHerb and Amazon are my two my personal favorites, I’ve never seen anyone online outmatch them on price.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking to boost your nutritional intake while avoiding lactose, soy, gluten & dairy, but don’t want to fork-out for loads of different supplements, Phood is an awesome choice. I give it 4.5 stars and will definitely be buying more in the future – in fact, I’ve already got two more tubs on the way :)

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