My Plantfusion Review: Taste, Price & Quality

Plantfusion ReviewsI came across Plantfusion while looking for a healthy alternative to whey protein. Don’t get me wrong, whey proteins can be fantastic supplements, but they’re not perfect, either. Gastrointestinal distress, lactose intolerance, bloating and inflammation are all factors which led me to start looking for a better, more health-conscious alternative. Here’s my full take on Plantfusion’s protein powder supplement.

AWESOME PROTEIN SPECTRUM: After researching and reading other PlantFusion reviews, it’s clear Plantfusion provides the most diverse and well-rounded plant-protein intake for your dollar. I’ve yet to see any other brand match or include sources of protein from Artichoke, Amaranth or Quinoa. Other brands like SunWarrior provide the usual sources of Pea, Rice & Hemp protein which is fine, but as far as diversity goes, Plantfusion is in a league of it’s own.

ADDED GLUTAMINE & BCAA’s: To further strengthen it’s stance as legitimate contender to whey proteins, Plantfusion boasts an excellent amino-acid profile together with added glutamine to aid recovery, immune function and muscle development.

Plantfusion nutritional profile

PRICE: Personally, I would love to see it ~$5 cheaper per tub but understand it’s a reflection of the ingredients and processing-style used. The actual price you pay will differ where you buy it, but to save a few bucks I do recommend buying it online. Places like Amazon and iHerb are two of the best and consistently provide the lowest prices.

TASTE: This is very subjective and will vary from person to person. Personally, while I found that mixing the powder with water was palatable, I found the drink to be much more enjoyable when I added things like milk, ice and a drop of chocolate syrup. While the powder itself does have a distinctly veggie taste/aroma to it, you can easily add things like almond milk, fruit (bananas, berries, etc) and Stevia to boost the flavor.

FLAVORS: Plantfusion comes in 4 flavors, chocolate, vanilla-bean, choc-raspberry and unflavored. I’ve only trued the chocolate and vanilla-bean, but both have been good buys. The flavor is light and isn’t overpowering which makes it ideal to use in just its basic form or to use as a base to make your own concoction.

FINAL VERDICT: One of if not the most ‘complete’ non-dairy protein powders on the market. Ideal for anyone wishing to avoid conventional protein powders while still reaping all of the benefits, Plantfusion gets a big ‘thumbs up’ from me.

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